Outtakes. Outtakes. Outtakes. Outtakes. Outtakes. Outtakes.

To explore in the future…

B is for burning man

F is for fixie

T is for typewriter

H is for Helvetica

U is for ukelele

G is for green

R is for retro

I is for indie

Moustaches, mishmashes, tongue-lashes - they’re awesome!

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The world is full of mystery and wonder…and parenting pitfalls.

One day I’m driving in my sleepy neighborhood, minding my own business, when I see a guy in a ski cap (it’s June, mind you) on a unicycle, Instagramming. We lock eyes, and then…

"Mama, look!" my toddler pipes up from the back seat.

Oh, no, I think. It’s coming.

"What is THAT?"

I didn’t know what to tell him. How do you explain a hipster to a three-year-old?

Well, now you can. I present to you:

HIPSTERS A to Z: A Field Guide and Vocabulary Builder for the Curious Tot

With this guide, you can:

  • Easily explain the gluten-free, vinyl-loving folk you come across, in a way your young one can relate to.

  • Track the identifying traits of today’s hipsters, and learn new facts about them.

  • Keep yourself entertained while reading Toddler’s New Favorite over and over (and over, and over)…

It’s also an ideal companion at music festivals, craft fairs, thrift stores, and beer gardens. Or when you make a wrong turn into a neighborhood that abounds with unseasonable plaid.

Guaranteed to provide plenty of sincere, non-ironic enjoyment.